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Little Adam's Peak

Things to do in Ella

Hike the Little Adam’s Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka, to get an eye-candy at the end of the climb. You can see the hidden villages and true beauty of Ella from the top. Go for a short hike to the top of Little Adam’s Peak, an easy walk from downtown Ella in a lush, picturesque setting.

Hiking at Little Adam’s Peak

The mountain’s name comes from the comparison with its similarly shaped but much larger counterpart, the massive Adam’s Peak in central Sri Lanka. Enjoy the easy going, 45-minute walk to the summit, admiring views of verdant tea plantations along the way. When you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the rolling green hills and valleys below.

Hiking in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also known as a hiking destination. There are trails for all sorts of experience levels, from easy walks to more intense treks.

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