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From Trincomalee to Gal Oya
in Sri Lanka by train​

The Eastern line is not without beauty which is endemic to it. This train track runs through dense forest land, formed by the Kalawewa and Galoya wildlife forest reserves. The woods on either side of the track are magnificent and without much sunlight getting in through the dense canopy of leafy treetops. You can try to spot any elephants grazing or roaming around.
The track goes across forest reserves. Tall shrubs with light green foliage are lined on either side. Unfortunately, many elephants were getting killed on this stretch, because the trains were moving fast here in the past; the trains are moving slowly nowadays.

Train Rides in Sri Lanka

One of the best ways to experience Sri Lanka is by train. With the spectacular views of the diverse landscapes, you will have the experience of a lifetime where you can also meet other travelers or share Sri Lankan food with the locals.

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