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Diyaluma Waterfall in Sri Lanka

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Diyaluma is one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Sri Lanka and being able to hike to the top of the cascading waterfall is in one word amazing! Diyaluma Falls is the second biggest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is the perfect spot for a full day adventure. There are multiple falls and natural pools throughout this hike in the Badulla region.
In Sinhalese, Diyaluma or Diya Haluma means “rapid flow of water” or may be translated as “liquid light”. According to the Sri Lankan historian, Dr. R. L. Brohier, Diyaluma is the setting of the folklore about a tragedy involving a young chief who had been banished to the highlands and the attempt by his fiancée to join him. As all the passes were guarded, the young man let down a rope of twisted creepers over the slope, and while he was hauled up, he was dashed against the rocks and died.

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the place to see all kinds of waterfalls, as it is blessed with over one hundred waterfalls.

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