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Unforgettable Holiday Package to Sri Lanka: Dive into Paradise from Down Under

G’day, fellow Aussies! While our sunburnt country offers its own unique beauty, have you ever fancied swapping the golden coasts of Bondi or the rugged Outback for something a tad different? Enter Sri Lanka, a gem of an island in the Indian Ocean, where pristine beaches meet ancient cities. If a change of scenery is on your mind, a holiday package to Sri Lanka should top your list.

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Why Sri Lanka for Aussies?

While our backyard offers heaps to explore, Sri Lanka provides a refreshing contrast. Imagine going from watching footy to witnessing traditional Kandyan dances, or swapping your regular surf spot for the pristine beaches of Mirissa. It’s a cultural and scenic feast waiting to be explored.

Ancient Cities: A Shift from Our Modernity

While we Aussies pride ourselves on our modern cities, Sri Lanka’s ancient cities like Anuradhapura and Sigiriya offer a journey back in time. It’s a world away from the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Melbourne’s laneways.

holiday package to sri lanka
Thuparamaya is a dagoba in anuradhapura, sri lanka.

Beaches: A Tropical Change

As much as we love our Gold Coast, Sri Lanka’s beaches are a tropical dream. Think coconut palms, warm waters, and fewer crowds. And if you’re into surfing, places like Arugam Bay are becoming hotspots.

Sri Lankan Cuisine vs Aussie Bites

Swap the barbie for a spicy curry or replace the Vegemite toast with a delicious ‘hopper’. Sri Lankan cuisine is a flavourful adventure, and while it’s different from our beloved Aussie bites, it’s a culinary journey worth taking.
Sri Lankan Cuisine 1
Sri Lankan Cuisine

The Hills: A Cool Retreat

Missing the cool vibes of Tasmania? Sri Lanka’s hill country, like Nuwara Eliya, offers a refreshing retreat from the coastal heat. Plus, the scenic train rides through these hills are a traveller’s dream.

Wildlife: Beyond the Aussie Bush

Instead of kangaroos and koalas, expect to see leopards and elephants. Sri Lanka’s national parks are teeming with wildlife, offering a different kind of safari experience.

Leopard panthera pardus kotiya with prey in the jungle sri lanka yala national park
Leopard/ Panthera pardus kotiya with prey in the jungle sri lanka yala national park

Cultural Festivities: A New Experience

While we have our vibrant Mardi Gras or the Melbourne Cup, Sri Lanka’s festivals, like Vesak, offer a deep dive into their rich traditions and customs. It’s a colourful spectacle that’s a far cry from our local festivities.

Ayurveda vs Traditional Aussie Wellness

Forget the spa retreats in Byron Bay for a moment and immerse yourself in the world of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka’s ancient wellness tradition. It’s a holistic approach to well-being that many Aussies are now embracing.

The Tea Trails: Beyond Our Regular Brew

Move over, flat white! The tea plantations of Sri Lanka offer a brew that’s rich in history and flavour. Plus, the views? Absolutely stunning, mate.
Sri lanka tea estates at nuwara eliya
Sri lanka tea estates at nuwara eliya

Sesatha Travel: An Aussie's Best Mate for Sri Lankan Adventures

Run by folks who know what Aussies love, Sesatha Travel is your go-to for the best holiday packages to Sri Lanka. With local know-how and a touch of Aussie spirit, they’ve got your back.

Tips for Aussie Travellers

Currency: While we’re used to our Aussie dollars, in Sri Lanka, it’s all about the Rupee (LKR).

Etiquette: A bit different from our laid-back style. When visiting temples, it’s best to dress modestly.

Weather: Swap the dry heat for tropical warmth. And if you’re headed to the hills, pack a jumper.

Transport: Tuk-tuks are the go, but always haggle before hopping in!

To wrap up, for Aussies looking for a change of scenery and a taste of something different, a holiday package to Sri Lanka is the way to go. From the bustling streets of Colombo to the serene beaches of the south, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. So, chuck on your thongs, grab your sunnies, and get ready for a Sri Lankan escapade!


While both have their unique charm, Sri Lanka offers a more diverse range of experiences, from ancient cities to wildlife safaris.

Absolutely! Especially in tourist spots, many cafes serve familiar dishes with a Sri Lankan twist.

Both are stunning, but Sri Lanka’s beaches offer a more tropical vibe with warm waters year-round.

From cities like Sydney or Melbourne, it’s roughly a 10-hour direct flight.
Yes, several airlines offer direct flights, especially from major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

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