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Sesatha Travel was established in 2021 as a destination management company, with the goal of promoting Sri Lankan tourism to Australian travellers. Our ambition is to become the foremost travel agent/wholesaler for Sri Lankan destinations in Australia and beyond.

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After working for one of Australia’s largest travel companies, the founder and managing director of Sesatha Travel recognised that many Australians haven’t discovered the wonders Sri Lanka offers as a holiday destination. Sri Lanka, an enchanting island nation in the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and genuine hospitality. Unlike many tropical island destinations, Sri Lanka boasts both warm tropical beaches and a lush, cooler hill country. In just a few hours by car, travellers can experience the best of both climates.

At Sesatha Travel, we are dedicated to providing friendly and personalised customer service. We strive to deliver unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. Our services include free travel consultation, tailored itineraries, and round-the-clock care during trips, ensuring our clients’ safety and satisfaction. Our guiding principle is to uphold honest and ethical business practices, even in today’s highly competitive travel industry. This way, our clients always feel secure and valued when journeying with us.


Our vision is to be Australia’s leading travel agent and wholesaler for trips to Sri Lanka and beyond.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve all our Aussie customers with honesty and engage in ethical business practices, ensuring our travellers feel safe and valued at all times.
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Shehan Dabarera

Managing Director | Travel Designer

Shehan was born and raised in the picturesque island of Sri Lanka. Having lived in Australia since 2006, he has a deep understanding of the expectations of its residents. He moved to Australia to pursue higher studies at Griffith University in 2006. Today, he is a Financial Analyst/Accountant at one of the world's leading corporations. Over his 12-year career in finance, Shehan has gained experience across various sectors, including tourism, facility management, education, and mining.

After working for one of Australia's premier tourism and hospitality firms, Shehan developed a passion for launching his own travel agency. While he has been living and working in Australia for over 16 years, his love for his native Sri Lanka has never waned. This unwavering affection was the driving force behind the inception of Sesatha Travel, an agency dedicated to promoting tourism to 'his' Sri Lanka.

Why Choose Us

Why Sesatha Travel


Australian owned

At Sesatha Travel, we’re a boutique travel agency based in Australia, specialising in tours to the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka. We’re passionate about showcasing Sri Lanka as a premier travel destination for Aussies, ensuring our clients experience the best the island has to offer.


Trusted local partners

We specialise in offering both packaged and bespoke tours for visitors of all ages to Sri Lanka. At Sesatha Travel, we partner directly with trusted and accredited local tour operators, ensuring top-notch experiences and great value for money.


Excellent customer care

Our team will support you from the initial trip planning stages, right through to the end, and even beyond. Our trusted local staff and tour guides, along with our dedicated Australian contact number, are available 24/7 throughout your journey.


Only the Finest Accommodations and Activities

All our packages include top-tier accommodation, be it a hotel, guesthouse, glamping, or homestay. We offer premier activities, with many included in the package price.


Lowest price guaranteed

Travel shouldn’t be overly expensive. Our joy is in helping you explore the most stunning island nation in the Indian Ocean at a competitive price, ensuring you create wonderful experiences and lasting memories.

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