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Weligama, Sri Lanka

Southern Province, Sri Lanka.
Weligama is swiftly becoming a sought-after destination for tourists seeking a delightful couple of days filled with surfing and sunbathing. This enchanting bay is lined with a myriad of resorts, hotels, and spas, all facing the stunning shoreline. The unique appeal of Weligama is further enhanced by its blend of modern amenities housed within beautifully restored buildings that echo the area’s rich colonial heritage.

In Weligama, each location offers a mesmerizing view of the horizon, providing an ideal backdrop for relaxation and leisure. The bay is not only a picturesque setting but also a prime spot for surf enthusiasts and swimmers. With the presence of skilled instructors and certified trainers, visitors have the opportunity to safely indulge in surfing, guided by experts.

Moreover, Weligama is home to world-class hotels and spas, renowned for their exquisite ayurvedic and continental therapies and treatments. These establishments promise an experience of rejuvenation and luxury. For those planning a visit, the optimal time to enjoy Weligama is from late October to early May, when the weather is most favorable.

Embrace the top attractions in Weligama and immerse yourself in a blend of scenic beauty, historical charm, and contemporary luxury.

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