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Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.
Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka’s hidden gem, remains a serene sanctuary for those seeking a tranquil retreat. This idyllic destination is perfect for Australians desiring a laid-back afternoon in a picturesque setting. The crescent-shaped bay ranks among Sri Lanka’s most stunning, offering an array of top attractions in Arugam Bay.

Renowned for its surfing appeal, Arugam Bay features key surfing spots like Whiskey Point, Baby Point, and Main Point. These areas cater to all skill levels, from beginners to pros, under the guidance of certified instructors. The area’s pristine beaches and clear waters are a haven for water sports enthusiasts. The best time to visit Arugam Bay is from May to September, post-monsoon, when conditions are ideal for surfing, swimming, yoga, relaxation, and vibrant nightlife. A variety of resorts in Arugam Bay are available to meet all travel requirements, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Explore the top attractions in Arugam Bay and experience the unique blend of leisure and adventure that this splendid location offers.

Must-see attractions for your itinerary

Nearby Arugam Bay attractions

Arugam Bay Beach

Surfing points

Pottuvil Lagoon

Bodies of Water

Sangamankandy Pilliyar Kovil

Historic Sites | Ancient Ruins

Muhudu Maha Vihara

Points of Interest & Landmarks

Sangaman Kanda Lighthouse


Kudumbigala Monastery

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