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Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka

Southern Province, Sri Lanka.
Hiriketiya, nestled in Sri Lanka, emerges as an exquisite bay area, perfect for Australians seeking a serene escape. Just a four-hour journey from Colombo, this beach is an ideal spot for those desiring a tranquil getaway. Encircled by lush greenery, the oval-shaped bay of Hiriketiya presents an intimate beach experience, stretching approximately 500 meters.
Renowned as a premier surfing destination, Hiriketiya caters to surf enthusiasts of all skill levels. The bay is replete with gentle, enjoyable waves, offering an inviting environment for beginner surfers. Simultaneously, it boasts a plethora of advanced reef break waves, providing thrilling challenges for experienced surfers. Beyond its surfing allure, Hiriketiya also offers delightful swimming opportunities. Additionally, visitors can indulge in morning yoga sessions on the sandy shores, embracing a holistic approach to relaxation.

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