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Sri Lanka Family Getaway

13 Days from $4099 / Person

4 -5 star
16 Meal Supplements
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Private Car & Guide
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Embark on an unforgettable family adventure with the “Sri Lanka Family Getaway” a 12-day itinerary crafted for an enriching and enjoyable experience. Discover the cultural wonders, lush landscapes, and vibrant wildlife of Sri Lanka while creating lasting memories with your loved ones. From ancient sites to scenic train rides, wildlife safaris, and moments of relaxation, this journey is designed to cater to the diverse interests and ages. Explore the unique blend of history, nature, and hospitality that makes Sri Lanka an ideal destination for a memorable family escape.



Heritage & Culture

Nature & Landscapes

Wildlife & Safaris

Itinerary Summary





Highlights: Airport Pick Up

Granbell Hotel


Highlights: Colombo city tour , Galle city tour

Jetwing Lighthouse

3 - 4

Highlights: Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home, Ravana Waterfall , Little Adams Peak, Nine Arch Bridge

Morning Dew

5 - 6

Highlights: Train ride from Ella to Nanu Oya, Tea Factory Visit, Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy City Tour , Cultural Dance Show

Amaya Hills

7 - 8

Highlights: Nalanda Gedige Temple , Matale Spice Garden ,Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya Rock Fortress , Polonnaruwa city tour

Amaya Lake

9 - 10

Highlights: Pidurangala Rock , Seafood Dinner on the Beach, Trincomalee City Tour, Fort Frederick Dutch Fort , Koneswaram Kovil

Amaranthe Bay


Highlights: Wilpattu National Park Safari

Big Game Camp Wilpattu

12 - 13

Highlights: Negombo City Tour , Airport Drop-off

Goldi Sands

Itinerary Details


International Arrival
You will be transferred from Negombo Airport to Colombo in a private vehicle (Duration: 1 hr)

Day 1


Welcome to Sri Lanka! Your journey begins with a warm pick-up at Bandaranaike International Airport, followed by a comfortable transfer to your designated hotel. Take this time to unwind, relax, and prepare for the adventures that await you in this beautiful destination. Enjoy the convenience of settling into your accommodation before embarking on an exciting exploration of the wonders Sri Lanka has to offer.


Granbell Hotel or Similar


Standard Sea View


Sea View Japanese Style


Your chauffeur will drive you from Colombo to Galle in a private vehicle (Duration: 2 hrs)



Embark on your Sri Lankan adventure with a vibrant Colombo city tour, exploring the bustling streets and cultural gems of the capital. The city tour may include visits to various prominent landmarks and attractions, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the capital. Some key places to explore during a Colombo city tour could include:

  1. Gangaramaya Temple: A prominent Buddhist temple with a mix of modern architecture and cultural relics.
  2. Independence Square: A historical monument commemorating Sri Lanka’s independence from British rule.
  3. Beira Lake: A picturesque lake in the heart of Colombo, often surrounded by greenery and scenic walkways.
  4. National Museum of Colombo: Home to a vast collection of artifacts, showcasing the island’s history and cultural heritage.
  5. Old Parliament Building: A colonial-era structure with architectural significance.
  6. Pettah Market: An energetic and bustling market district where you can experience the local way of life and shop for a variety of goods.
  7. Galle Face Green: A popular seaside urban park, perfect for a leisurely stroll and enjoying the coastal breeze.
  8. Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque: Known for its striking red-and-white candy cane-striped exterior, representing Islamic architecture.
  9. Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct: A historic building complex transformed into a shopping and dining area.
  10. Colombo Fort: The central business district with a mix of modern and colonial-era buildings.

Following the city exploration, set out on a journey to the southern coast, making a pit stop at a turtle hatchery in Hikkaduwa to witness these incredible creatures. For those seeking an extra dose of nature, an optional boat tour on the serene Madu River awaits (Optional). After these enriching experiences, retreat to your chosen accommodation for some well-deserved rest. As the afternoon sun begins to set, immerse yourself in the historical charm of Galle Fort with a guided city tour, unveiling the tales and treasures within its ancient walls. This diverse day offers a perfect blend of urban exploration and coastal wonders.


Jetwing Lighthouse or Similar


Luxury Room


Beach Boutique



DAY 3 - 4

Your chauffeur will drive you from Galle to Ella in a private vehicle (Duration: 3.5 hrs)



After a delightful breakfast, your journey unfolds as you head towards the picturesque hill country of Ella, passing through the captivating landscapes of Udawalawe. En route, immerse yourself in the heartwarming experience of Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home, witnessing how baby elephants are cared for as they emerge from the jungle.

Continue your scenic drive, and take a moment to marvel at the breathtaking Ravana Waterfall. The day concludes with a comfortable drop-off at your hotel, providing you with the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax, surrounded by the natural beauty of Ella.



Indulge in the serenity of Ella as your day begins with a refreshing hike to the summit of Little Adams Peak, offering panoramic views of the lush landscapes. In the afternoon, explore the iconic Nine Arch Bridge, marveling at its architectural beauty amidst the verdant surroundings.

For those seeking an extra thrill, consider the optional adventure of the Flying Ravana Zip line (Optional), adding an exciting dimension to your day. Conclude your day in Ella by unwinding and absorbing the stunning natural vistas that this charming hill country town has to offer.


Morning Dew Hotel or Similar


Deluxe Room


Mountain View



DAY 5 - 6

Ella to Nanu Oya by Train (Duration 3 hrs) Nanu Oya to Kandy by a private vehicle (Duration 2.5 hrs)



Embark on a scenic train journey from Ella to Nuwara Eliya, where the picturesque landscapes of tea plantations and rolling hills unfold before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views, capturing the essence of Sri Lanka’s hill country.

Upon reaching Nuwara Eliya, delve into the world of Ceylon tea with a visit to a traditional tea factory and estate. Witness the meticulous process of tea production, from plucking the leaves to the art of tea processing. Engage your senses in a tea tasting session, where you can savor the distinct flavors of Sri Lankan tea.

Continuing the journey, travel from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy by car, enjoying the changing scenery along the way. As you arrive in Kandy, a city renowned for its cultural richness, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel to relax and rejuvenate. This day seamlessly blends the charm of train travel, the allure of tea country, and the cultural vibrancy of Kandy.



Stay in Kandy, immersing yourself in the cultural treasures the city has to offer. Begin your day with a visit to the revered Sri Dalada Maligawa, also known as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Witness the auspicious rituals and marvel at the spiritual ambiance. Explore the city further with a Kandy City Tour. Stroll through markets, appreciate the scenic Kandy Lake, and absorb the vibrant atmosphere. Optionally, discover the lush landscapes and diverse plant life at the Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya (Optional). In the evening, indulge in the rich heritage of Kandy with a captivating Cultural Dance Show. Witness traditional performances that showcase the island’s vibrant history. Conclude your day in Kandy, savoring the cultural richness and natural beauty that surrounds this enchanting city.


Amaya Hills Hotel or Similar


Deluxe Room


Mountain View



DAY 7 - 8

Your chauffeur will drive you from Kandy to Dambulla in a private vehicle (Duration: 2 hrs)



Embark on a day of cultural exploration in Dambulla, unraveling the historical and aromatic wonders. Begin your journey with a visit to the ancient stone temple at Nalanda Gedige. Delve into the rich history and architectural beauty of this sacred site, where Hindu and Buddhist influences seamlessly coexist. Continue to Matale and explore a Spice Garden, where the secrets of Sri Lanka’s vibrant spices come to life. Engage your senses in the fragrant surroundings, discovering the cultivation and uses of various spices.

The highlight of the day awaits at the UNESCO-listed ancient cave temples in Dambulla. Marvel at the intricate cave paintings and sculptures that narrate centuries-old stories of Buddhism. Feel the spiritual ambiance of these hallowed caves. As the sun sets, wind up your day’s journey with a leisurely drive to your luxury hotel. Relax and reflect on the day’s cultural immersion, surrounded by the comfort and elegance of your accommodation.



Stay in Sigiriya, a gateway to Sri Lanka’s historical and natural wonders. Begin your day with an early morning hike to the summit of Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Ascend the iconic rock formation and marvel at the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Experience the cool breeze and serene atmosphere before the day unfolds.

Later, embark on a journey to Polonnaruwa for an archaeological city tour. Explore the ancient ruins and sacred sites that echo the glory of Sri Lanka’s medieval capital. Witness the intricately carved statues and marvel at the architectural marvels that stand as testaments to the island’s rich history. Below are some of the places covered in your Polonnaruwa city tour.

  1. Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu: Admire the ruins of the Royal Palace complex, which was once the residence of King Parakramabahu the Great. The site features impressive foundations and remains of the royal chambers.
  2. Parakrama Samudra (Parakrama’s Sea): Discover the vast ancient reservoir, Parakrama Samudra, built by King Parakramabahu to irrigate the surrounding agricultural lands. The reservoir is a testament to the advanced engineering skills of the time.
  3. Statue of King Parakramabahu: Witness the standing statue of King Parakramabahu, an iconic sculpture that reflects the dignity and grandeur of the ancient king.
  4. Gal Vihara: Marvel at the Gal Vihara, a rock-cut Buddhist temple featuring four impressive statues of Lord Buddha carved into the granite rock. The statues include a standing Buddha, two seated Buddhas, and a reclining Buddha.
  5. Thuparama Gedige: Explore Thuparama Gedige, a unique structure that combines Hindu and Buddhist architectural elements. It’s believed to have served as a place of worship for both religions.
  6. Shiva Devale No. 2: Visit the Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, showcasing the coexistence of Hinduism alongside Buddhism in ancient Sri Lanka.
  7. Vatadage: Admire the circular relic house, Vatadage, which once housed the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. The structure is adorned with intricately carved stone guardstones and moonstones.

As the day comes to an end, return to your accommodation in Sigiriya. Reflect on the day’s adventures and relax in the tranquil surroundings, preparing for the cultural treasures that await in the coming days.


Amaya Lake Hotel or Similar


Standard Villa




Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 9 - 10

Your chauffeur will drive you from Dambulla to Trincomalee in a private vehicle (Duration: 2 hrs)



Rise early to embrace the dawn as you embark on the Pidurangala Rock Hike, seeking the mesmerizing spectacle of the morning sunrise. Ascend the rocky terrain for panoramic views, capturing the first light as it bathes the landscape in hues of gold and pink. Post-hike, indulge in a rejuvenating Traditional Ayurvedic Massage (Optional), an optional treat for relaxation and well-being.

As the day progresses, set forth on a scenic journey to the pristine East Coast of Sri Lanka. Discover the allure of untouched beaches, where turquoise waters meet golden sands, creating an idyllic retreat for sun-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Conclude the day with a Seafood Dinner on the beach, savoring the freshness of ocean delights amidst the soothing sound of waves. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of the East Coast, setting the stage for serene moments and coastal enchantment.


Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 10


Discover the coastal allure of Trincomalee with a city tour, weaving through lively markets and immersing yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry. Uncover the historical narrative at Fort Frederick, a Dutch Fort that stands as a testament to colonial influence and maritime heritage. Continue your journey to Koneswaram Kovil, a Hindu temple perched on a cliff, offering breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. The serene surroundings of Trincomalee promise a perfect blend of cultural immersion and coastal tranquility.

As the sun sets over the coastal horizon, soak in the serene atmosphere of Trincomalee. Whether you choose to stroll along the beach, indulge in local cuisine, or simply relax by the sea, the evening in Trincomalee offers a tranquil escape, inviting you to unwind and embrace the coastal charm of this captivating destination.


Amaranthe Bay Hotel or Similar


Junior Suite


Lagoon Front



DAY 11

Your chauffeur will drive you from Trincomalee to Wilpattu in a private vehicle (Duration: 3 hrs)

DAY 11


Embark on a scenic journey from Trincomalee to Wilpattu, traversing landscapes that showcase the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. Arrive at Wilpattu National Park for an immersive afternoon safari, offering the chance to encounter the diverse wildlife that inhabits this untamed wilderness.

As the safari unfolds, witness the majesty of elephants, the elusive leopard, and a myriad of other fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. The park’s serene lakes and dense foliage create a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable wildlife experience.

After Safari ,you’ll be dropped off at the hotel. Take this time to relax and rejuvenate, reflecting on the day’s wildlife encounters and the diverse landscapes traversed during your scenic drive


Big Game Camp or Similar Hotel






Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 12 - 13

Your chauffeur will drive you from Wilpattu to Negombo in a private vehicle (Duration: 3.5 hrs)

DAY 12


Embark on a scenic drive from Wilpattu to Negombo. Along the way, you’ll pass through picturesque landscapes, quaint villages, and lush greenery. Take in the stunning views of rural life in Sri Lanka, with glimpses of paddy fields, coconut plantations, and serene lakes.

Arrive in Negombo around midday and stop for lunch at a local restaurant or beachside café (optional). Indulge in fresh seafood dishes or sample authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, featuring aromatic spices and tropical flavors.After lunch, set out to explore the charming coastal town of Negombo. Visit attractions such as the Dutch Fort, which reflects the town’s colonial history, or stroll through bustling markets where you can shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, and colorful sarongs.

Spend some leisure time at Negombo Beach, renowned for its golden sands and tranquil waters. Relax under the sun, take a refreshing dip in the sea, or simply unwind with a beachfront stroll.


Goldi Sands Hotel or Similar




Beach Front



DAY 13


As your memorable Sri Lankan adventure concludes, relish a private transfer to the airport, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey for your onward travel.

Wishing you secure travels, and looking forward to our next encounter!



You will be transferred from your Hotel to Colombo Airport in a private vehicle (Duration: 0.5 hrs)
International Departure

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