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Negombo, Sri Lanka

Western Province, Sri Lanka.
Negombo, a key city in Sri Lanka’s Western Province, is often referred to as ‘Little Rome’ due to its strong Catholic heritage. This city emerged as a pivotal trading hub during the colonial era, particularly noted for its significant port. Its recognition grew further when the suitability of its land for cinnamon cultivation attracted traders from the Middle East.

Located on Sri Lanka’s western coastline, Negombo adds a distinct vibrancy to the island with its lively activities and culture. The Dutch influence is unmistakable in Negombo, evident in the enduring presence of colonial architecture and historic buildings. A prime example is the Dutch Fort, nestled between the lagoon and the sea, now leading to Prison. This historic site is crowned by the iconic St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, renowned for its colonial architectural beauty.

Just a short distance from the Dutch Fort lies Negombo’s most renowned Fish Market. This bustling market, especially lively in the mornings, is a must-visit attraction. Here, you’ll encounter friendly grandmothers, affectionately calling passersby ‘putha’ (meaning ‘son’), as they invite you to purchase their fresh fish. Indeed, a visit to Negombo is an experience not to be missed.

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