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Bird Watching at
Kanneliya Rain Forest

The Kanneliya Rainforest is Sri Lanka’s lesser-known forest reserve, with two of the island’s main rivers running through it and a diverse range of wildlife living within its thick canopy. Neatly tucked away just 35 kilometers away from Galle, the forest reserve also houses around 78 villages. The wildlife tracker who will guide you in Kanneliya is from one of these forest reserve villages and has spent his entire lifetime living within the reserve. The scenery in the area is straight out of the Jungle Book and the opportunity to be out in nature makes this a fantastic experience for children and families.
The Kanneliya National Park is home to many species of endemic wildlife. The forest reserve is home to close to 17 percent of lowland endemic floral species and 86 species of mammals, 20 endemic species of birds, 36 species of snakes, 23 species of lizards, 14 species of lizards, 32 species of butterflies and 20 percentage of the country’s endemic fish which inhabit the two main rivers that are fed by the springs of the Kanneliya Rain Forest. Some of the endemic birds you can see here are the endangered Red Faced Malkoha, Orange Billed babbler, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Sri Lanka Spurfowl and the Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl.

Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in Asia for bird watching too, because of the large number of endemic species and due to its strategic place in the Indian Ocean for migrating birds.

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