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The Old Kachcheri Building

Colonial buildings in Jaffna

The Jaffna Kachcheri building is an important example of the colonial architecture of Sri Lanka. Remaining architectural elements such as massive thick walls, roman arches, inner courtyards, and shaped windows and doors show the 19th century British architectural standard.
The old Kachcheri building is in the area known as the Old Park and is an archaeological protected monument. The word Kachcheri is used to denote the principal government department that administrated a district in Ceylon. The old Kachcheri at Jaffna is said to be established by the British. Enjoy the serenity of the Old Park in Jaffna, with its manicured lawns, trees, benches, and interesting colonial legacy.

Colonial Buildings in Jaffna

Nowadays Jaffna’s colonial past is still visible in the colonial architecture. The Portuguese established the city as their colonial administrative center in 1621, the Dutch VOC took it over in 1658.

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