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Fort Fredrick - Dutch Fort

Colonial buildings in Trincomalee

Fort Fredrick in Trincomalee is also known as Trincomalee Fort or Fort of Triquillimale.
The Fort was once built by the Portuguese and completed in 1624 CE. It was built on Swami Rock-Konamamalai from the debris of the world-famous ancient Hindu Koneswaram Temple (Temple of a Thousand Pillars). The temple was destroyed by the Portuguese colonial Constantino de Sá de Noronha under King Philip III. The Fort of Triquillimale was dismantled and rebuilt by the Dutch in 1665, renamed Fort Fredrick.

Colonial Buildings in Trincomalee

Trincomalee is one of the world’s deepest natural harbors and this city is important due to its history. Trincomalee’s natural deep-water port has been the target for all kinds of attacks over the centuries.

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