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Adam’s Peak

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Hike the Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada. Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is a 2243 meters high conical mountain which is located in central Sri Lanka. Hiking Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) is one of the best travel experiences in Sri Lanka for tourists as well as locals, there are 5500 steps to reach the top.

Sri Pada is derived from Sanskrit, used by the Sri Lankan people in a religious context roughly translated as “the sacred foot”, it refers to the footprint-shaped mark at the summit, which is believed by Buddhists to be that of the Buddha. Christian and Islamic traditions assert that it is the footprint of Adam, left when first setting foot on Earth after having been cast out of paradise, giving it the name “Adam’s Peak”. Hindu tradition refers to the footprint as that of the Hindu deity Shiva, and thus names the mountain Shiva Padam (Shiva’s foot) in Tamil.

Hiking at Adam’s Peak

The pilgrimages traditionally start at the first full moon of December and end on the full moon of April. During the other months it is hard to climb the mountain due to very heavy rain, extreme wind, and thick mist. Most people make the climb by night to reach the mountain top to watch the sun rise.
Sri Pada is one of the rare places that people of four major religions in the world worship. Devotees of many religions climb the mountain daily to invoke blessings while the hikers enjoy an exhilarating hike through the different access routes to the summit. The area around Adam’s Peak is a wildlife reserve, where many animals varying from elephants to leopards can be found, including many endemic animals. The region of Peak Wilderness Sanctuary that includes the Sri Pada together with Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Range, all in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka has been recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2011.

Hiking in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also known as a hiking destination. There are trails for all sorts of experience levels, from easy walks to more intense treks.

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