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From Colombo to Kandy
in Sri Lanka by train​

The train to Kandy leaves from Colombo Fort Railway Station. Make sure to arrive early at the Colombo Fort station and that you have enough water and food or snacks with you. There are train vendors selling milk tea, peanuts and wade, (“Wade, wade, wade”), but you might want to eat a proper meal before leaving or during the train trip.

The scenery is wonderful and diverse. From the craziness of the city of Colombo, the slums in the outskirts, into the rural countryside, through the jungle, and finally into the mountains of Kandy.

The views and landscapes are varying a lot during this trip and you will get a good taste of what Sri Lanka has to offer. Arriving in Kandy really feels like entering a different part of the island. However, Kandy can still be a busy city, but nowhere as crowded as Colombo.

Train Rides in Sri Lanka

One of the best ways to experience Sri Lanka is by train. With the spectacular views of the diverse landscapes, you will have the experience of a lifetime where you can also meet other travelers or share Sri Lankan food with the locals.

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