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Ritigala Forest Monastery

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One of the still-standing forest monasteries in Sri Lanka is Ritigala. Climbing the Ritigala Monastery with an expert guide gives you the perfect reflection from the past as to how monks used to live, meditate, and maintain their lifestyles.

Located southeast of Anuradhapura, the Ritigala mountain range is the highest mountain in northern Sri Lanka and is surrounded by many mysteries and folklore. One of the more popular beliefs is that Lord Hanuman accidentally dropped a chunk of medicinal herbs he was carrying back from the Himalayan Mountain to Sri Lanka to help Lord Rama’s brother, Prince Lakshman, who was wounded during a battle.

Ritigala Forest Monastery in Dambulla

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This story accounts for the pocket of vegetation of healing herbs and plants at the strange mini-plateau at the summit of Ritigala, distinct from the dry-zone flora of the lower slopes and surrounding plains. Walk through the Ritigala forest monastery that spreads across 700 acres of land. Home to forest monks who lived a simple way of life removed from the material world back in the day, Ritigala has since been abandoned. Shaded by a thick canopy of jungle and stone pathways built into existing rocks, Ritigala is unlike any other experience. The incline to the peak of the mountain is gradual and is surrounded by sites of ruins of structures that were once used by the monks.

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