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Street Food Experience

Things to do in Colombo

Street Food in Sri Lanka has a reputation of its own. The world-renowned Sri Lankan Kottu, Vegetable Roti, and Isso Wade (Prawn Patty) are some of the must-try foods in Sri Lanka.
We will lead you through a maze of busy streets. Let your senses explore the sights and sounds of the food – the vibrant colors of the concoction that creates a sweet beeda (a curious digestive aid originating in India), the bubbling of the fiery red curries and the sweet earthy fragrance of hot porridge. End the evening with a meal by the sea, a traditionally popular haunt for much of the Colombo crowd, be it families or friends.

Culinary in Sri Lanka

Traditional Sri Lankan village cooking experience – Sri Lanka always goes in the same sentence as food! Book with us to experience the authentic culinary experience.

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Craft your dream Sri Lankan tour with Sesatha Travel. Specializing in luxurious, custom experiences for Australians, we ensure each journey reflects your personal style and preferences.