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Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park, located in Sri Lanka, is a remarkably distinctive national park, despite being one of the country’s smallest. Situated in the southeastern region, it shares its boundaries with a protected coastal area. This park comprises a diverse landscape featuring marshes, lagoons, and sand dunes.

Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being declared the first wetland in Sri Lanka in 1991, designated as a Ramsar site in recognition of its immense significance to areas rich in biodiversity, particularly wetlands. Moreover, Bundala National Park is globally renowned as a vital habitat for migratory birds. It boasts an impressive roster of approximately 230 bird species, comprising both indigenous and migratory varieties, with a significant representation of wetland avian species.

Explore the Bundala National Park: A Wildlife Photographer’s and Bird Watcher’s Paradise!

In 2005, UNESCO officially recognized Bundala National Park as a biosphere reserve, bestowing upon it the title of the Bundala Biosphere Reserve (BBR). Situated along Sri Lanka’s picturesque coastline, Bundala stands as the nation’s sole biosphere reserve. Despite its relatively compact size, Bundala National Park offers a remarkable opportunity to observe a diverse range of wildlife, including Asian elephants, deer, porcupines, leopards, wild boars, jackals, various species of fish and amphibians, five distinct types of sea turtles, and two varieties of crocodiles.

For those passionate about wildlife photography and avid birdwatchers, a visit to Bundala National Park is an absolute necessity.

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