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Minneriya National Park

For those passionate about observing elephants in their natural environment, Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka is a must-visit destination. This park offers a unique opportunity to see the world’s largest assembly of Asian elephants, particularly during a wildlife safari. To fully experience this magnificent elephant congregation, it’s recommended to carefully plan your safari trip to Minneriya National Park.

Discover Minneriya National Park: A Haven for Elephants

In the heart of Sri Lanka, Minneriya National Park becomes the stage for a remarkable natural phenomenon known as ‘The Gathering’. This event, acclaimed as the world’s largest assembly of Asian elephants, occurs annually during the dry months from June to September. As the regional rivers recede, these majestic creatures embark on a journey to the expansive reservoirs of Minneriya and Kaudulla. Here, they indulge in the essentials of survival and comfort: bathing, quenching their thirst, and grazing on lush grasslands. The park’s surrounding jungles and dense shrubbery offer respite from the harsh sun. As the day wanes, the elephants, initially in small groups, gradually converge in impressive numbers, transforming the landscape into a bustling hub of elephantine activity.

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